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Derick Moor or Lilian Volschenk
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Office 3, Moor House 52 Rex Henderson Road

Empangeni South Africa


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With a passion for property I, Derick Moor started approximately 14 years ago doing what I love most � managing properties. During this period I aquired all the necessary education and qualifications to broaden my knowledge even more. From Masters Degree in Business Administration, I also became a member of the institute of estate agents, the South African Property Owners Association (SAP-MOO002),  the National Association of Managing Agents including my Masters Practioner in Esate Agency to name a few.

During this time I had been working in the banking industry obtaining even more experience as a Business and Branch Manager. I then decided to leave the corporate world and go full time with my existing businesses, collectively known as �Moor Group�.

Lilian Volschenk joined me as a business partner in October 2009.


We work in close collaboration with a team of Bookkeepers, Auditors, Estate Agents, Lawyers and various different Contractors.


We offer the following services:


·        Debt Counselling NCR DC 1468 / NCR DC 1918

·        Property Services


As a team we are committed to providing highly quality services and dedicated to ensure that every service is timely delivered.


If you have a suggestion for us then simply complete the �contact us� section and we would love feedback from you.


We are also involved in various entities, including Evening Flame Trading 365 CC, Evening Flame Trading 383 CC, Innovative Minds Investments CC, Centaurus Investments CC, Bestvest 163 CC, Silver Dawn Investments 111 CC, Wildfire Trading CC and various Partnerships


Together, we are stronger.

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Office 3, Moor House 52 Rex Henderson Road

South Africa
Tel: 035 772 1490
AHI Zululand
South African Property Owners Association
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Website in the process of being updated

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